There are a couple of things I really love about hiking.

Firstly – ANYONE can do it.
I’m talking about those 6 year old kids passing me
up the mountain and also those 80 year old athletes
that also pass me up the mountain.


For me it was so energising and refreshing seeing people
also struggling up that mountain with me,
no matter what shape, size, age, race, gender or fitness level you are.
Hiking has no restrictions.

Also – it is so natural,
your own will power,
your own energy to make it up that fricken mountain.
To be able to push your body, not give up,
and to be rewarded with an amazing view
is the exact reason I fell in love.

Over the summer of 2017, I was so happy to apply
and get a job in a backcountry hiking lodge in
Banff National Park.

Yes, we had to also hike to get to the lodge
and so did our guests.
It was such an amazing experience
to be surrounded by the mountains and
be off the grid from reality majority of the time.

Our shifts would vary but it worked out to be mostly
4 nights in the lodge and 4 nights in Banff town,
where we had staff accommodation.



My life for those 4 months literally consisted of hiking to the lodge,
working split shifts with a 4 hour hiking break
in between each day, then hiking out and spending
the next few days off hiking around the area of
Banff National Park.

I loved every minute of it.
Although the struggle was real some days,
I couldn’t resist when there was so much to see
in such a short period of time.
Even with all that I saw, I barely scraped the surface
of the beauty around this area.

With all that said,
I managed to rack up a gallery of (no joke)
8,000 photos just on my iPhone.
So I’m here to share just a taste of
what I experienced this summer.


Please feel free to message and ask
about some of the hikes that I did,
or about lodge life.
I would love to re-live my summer by sharing stories.
Thanks for reading!


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