She is a down to earth, beautiful soul
with the most contagious SMILE!
Also, a fellow Aussie girl like me!

She also has an awesome page online called
Mosh in the Big Smoke which you should
all pop on over to have a look.

“…a blog about Mosh;
a dog lover, burrito enthusiast
and occasional globe trotter”

I’ve been REALLY enjoying
taking portraits.
I think I love it so much
because it’s an instant form of art for me.
You can create
beautiful images of someone
without even drawing
for 25+ hours like I usually do!

Craziness, I know.
I live in such a privileged world.

So as ALL of you should know,
I am developing my style with editing etc
and am very new to this whole thing.

My recent post;
“I’M NOT A MODEL” has quite a
grey, faded look, which I love
but when I was doing these edits,
I really love how the colours are
super vibrant and really ‘pop’.
So I think I’m going to run with that for a while.


Stay tuned- as my next post is on
Anna again!
I just did an AMAZING photoshoot
yesterday with her,
I’m so excited to share the photos!
Please let me know what you think.
I love your feedback 🙂

If you want to know when
I put new content up –
please subscribe to my blog!
I promise not to spam you 😉

Thank you for reading and viewing!



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