Poor Anna.
On one of her only days off,
I bug her to take photos with me
around town again,
and it’s FREEZING cold outside.

 Did I also mention it was windy?
Like chill to the bone wind.
And let’s be honest…
It’s Canada, winter’s are serious here.

We realised how bad it was when
she couldn’t even feel her hands
in between taking on and off her gloves.

I did come pick her up bearing COFFEE and hugs,
and to top it off we got so many
amazing photos it was hard to choose!

I feel so blessed to live in this town.
I always knew Nelson was beautiful obviously,
but all the colours and old buildings,
alley ways and art is scattered everywhere.
I only started to discover it when I got a proper camera.
I love it.

Some of my favourite photos were of
the aqua and greens in the alleyways.


I just created a Flickr account too,
if anyone is interested in viewing more
of my photos 🙂

Thank you for reading and viewing!





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