So as you all know. I just got a camera
last month which I’m obsessed with.
I think it’s so amazing to be able to take photos
of my friends and surroundings in
way higher quality than I ever have before.

Which brings me to my next dilemma,
my winter season here in Nelson has just begun.
Daylight hours are limited and therefore
I had to chose between taking photos or
going snowboarding.
(I know- first world problems right?!)

HOWEVER I was super stoked when I
brought my camera up to the hill and
got to take photos in the sun & snow
WHILE snowboarding!
Mind blowing right?!
I thought so…
Also the way that the snow plays with the
light is so amazing and I can’t wait to practise more.

To be honest I love snowboarding,
but I’m not great at it..
And I also don’t want to hurt myself,
so taking photos of the pros
is way more satisfying for me 🙂


So anyway I hope you enjoy these
few photos that I’ve taken over the
last couple of days and I can’t
wait to get up there again and get
more shot of friends shreeeeddding!

Like always, thank you for reading!
And if you’re in Nelson, get in touch
and would love to come take
photos with you on the hill!

I also upload a lot of photos to my
Flickr Account if anyone is interested
in more photos 🙂


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