Beginning the trip in Condesa was a good idea.
From rooftop hangs, watching the workers tear down walls from the building next to us, to roaming the streets and taking photos of all the things that make up this beautiful Mexican culture.

The city’s colours are infectious. It made me want to throw out all my black and grey clothes to replace it with a vibrant mix of patterns and shades of pink.

Mind you, I never wear pink.



My Spanish is in fast-forward.

Visiting the “City of Locals” was bit of a shock when you only know how to say “Hola”!
It’s a pretty hilarious situation when you get into an Uber and the driver asks you a bunch of questions in Spanish and you can only respond in your basic knowledge of the language while laughing because you’re actually super embarrassed.

Although, being immersed in Mexico for only a week I could pick up on lots of different words and phrases. I will be more prepared next time I visit.



There are interesting smells on the streets that make you wonder if it’s good or bad.
And of course -being three, foreign women; men will stare, cat-call and make remarks in their language either at us or to their friends.
Something definitely we try to ignore/get used to.


And yes, we’ve had many hiccups before and during our trip, (I’ve accepted that travelling is in fact a shit-show majority of the time – yet no-one shows it on social media).

 I would say that losing passports, lack of money, changing major plans more than 5 times, missing two flights and stomach problems have definitely accelerated the stress levels.


However, we are constantly reminding ourselves of how lucky we truly are to be in a position to experience this beautiful part of the world.

Check out my next posts about Mexico.
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Thank you, as always, for reading!


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