Meet the owners // Paul and Annelies.

They have settled in this beautiful place in the Kootenay’s to make their dreams come true. Building their log cabins around their original cabin (pictured above), each unique, following a theme which presents trinkets and art from their travels.


A cabin in the woods that feels miles away from society, but is only a five minute drive from Ymir.

The cabin has it’s perks of being so close to town. There is power, wifi, warm showers and running toilets yet it is super quiet and surrounded by nature.
Everyone’s “back country” dream to be able to enjoy this atmosphere but still indulge in luxury.


Food? Snacks?

The cabin has a fully equip kitchen and we were lucky enough to be spoilt with our friend Cindy’s cooking. She won our hearts by cooking us a delicious vegan dinner and snacks while we stayed at the lodge. Cindy’s site, by the way, has amazing recipes that she has created herself that you should check out // www.cindyspratt.com


Sit back and enjoy the views.

If you want more information on Logden Lodge, visit their website here //   logdenlodge.com.
You can also catch Michelle // moshinthebigsmoke.com and Evie // according to Evie on their websites who are pictured in the photos above 🙂

Thanks for reading!

Comment below if you’ve ever been to the Kootenay’s in Canada! 🙂


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