Xochimilco is the hub of all things plants and flowers.


A fun fact for you:
(I sourced from this CDMX website)
Buying plants and flowers is one of the most deeply rooted traditions Mexico City, where ever you walk there are always markets and street vendors selling beautiful flowers.


The canals have always been used for growing crops and flowers which is where the word Xochimilco (pronounced solh-chi-mil-ko) comes from; translating to “flower field” in the Aztec language.
Xochimilco is the largest flower market in Mexico city.

These canals that expand over 170 kms and are populated by many brightly coloured “trajinera” boats that float tourists and locals around for leisure and also to buy all their flower and planting needs.


The best part? There are many boats floating around that provide different services! Some have bands that play music, sell floral headbands, beer, food, bonsais and sweet treats. So all you have to do is sit back, relax and let every thing float to you while you get guided around the canals, playing bumper-boats with all the other tourists! Sounds pretty good right?


Costing around 500 pesos per hour (around $40 CAD) for your very own boat you can enjoy an hour or two (which is plenty but you can be there for 4 + hours) to float around the canals. It’s also a good idea to check out the markets that are held in the main centre.

They sell anything and everything that you can think of in a typical Mexican flea market and expect to see traditional dancers performing on a tall pole amongst everyone.
You’ll hear a sharp and beautiful flute as one of the performers sits in the middle playing while the others twist around the pole to wrap rope around it. This is so that when they fall outwards, they keep getting unwrapped until they reach the ground.


Even though it’s quite touristy, it is for a reason. I highly recommend if anyone gets a chance to see these beautiful canals. Also try to aim for a weekday as apparently Sunday is a popular day for the locals.


Thanks for reading!!
If you like what you read, please comment below! I’d love to hear your stories of Xocimilco if you’ve been before or plan to go there! Maybe I can help you out with any questions 🙂

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