Bailey is one of those girls that you see at first and you’re like “Holllllyyyy crap this girl is so beautiful and she probably knows it and I’m scared to talk to her”.
Then you meet her and realise that she is the most caring, down to earth and hilarious person to be around.
She is a true beauty inside and out. It’s such a pleasure to have her in my life and also get a chance to take photos with her before I left Nelson!


Now you might start to see a trend in my photography.

I think I’m getting to know what truly makes me happy with the photos that I like to take and if anyone has seen my Pinterest account you will understand that all my pins are of faces.
I am so truly in-love with portraits! I think people’s faces are all so different, beautiful and interesting. Also, a goal of mine is to eventually take (hopefully amazing) studio portraits so I can draw them!


My style in editing, I’ve noticed, has changed a bit already (which is a great thing) as I learn something new every time I edit photos.
I’ve just discovered split toning which I have played around with in some of these photos. It’s crazy how the small changes in editing make such a huge difference in the overall look and feel.


I think my next challenge is to have a play on photoshop and really get creative to see how things turn out. So stay tuned!

I have to give a really big thank you to Bella Flora for allowing us to take photos in their beautiful space. It was so nice to be welcomed with open arms.
To Bailey, I’m sorry (not sorry) for bragging about how absolutely stunning you are!

I hope you like this photoshoot 🙂
Thanks as always for reading and viewing!


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