“How’s that set Taela!?” Said everyone of the members of our camp family; even our neighbours, every five or so minutes when a set would roll in from the horizon.

Even if there wasn’t a set, everyone was sure to keep me notified of the possibility. It was the running joke of the trip since it was only fair that when we weren’t surfing, we were watching the surf. Or talking about the surf. Or fixing surfboards. Or wishing there was surf when there wasn’t.



Coming back from Canada after just over two years and jumping straight into a 14 hour ‘Gnarl’y drive up the West Coast of Australia to get lost in the absolute nothingness and miles from society was pure bliss. Especially when our camp family kept growing with a continuous flow of rad friends.


The photo above is most of the crew who made this trip one to remember. Each of us holding two things that made up our everyday lives.
It’s funny when you take all of society’s distractions away, life is quite simple.

Food and shelter is essential, drinks are enjoyable, friends are unconditional, hobby’s are reliable, clothes are optional, laughing is hysterical, memories are unforgettable.


Thanks as always for viewing and reading,

Taela xo


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