I am blessed to say that I have friends that are willing to jump in a tub full of coconut milk, half naked and pregnant to take photos.


Meet the beautiful, Amy.

She may look like a mermaid goddess that just lazes around all day like a lady of leisure floating in her tub of silk but no – this lady is one of the hardest workers you’ll get to meet. I literally had to photoshop out her grubby fingers and the stains she acquired from colouring a clients hair right before the photoshoot.


Since working with Amy over the last few months I quickly realised that pregnancy comes with more baggage than just a watermelon on your hips!

“How are you Darling?” I would ask during our shifts together.

“Uh well the little boy won’t stop kicking into my ribs, I literally feel so full I want to burst because he’s squishing my stomach against all my other organs and I still can’t feel my right leg right because of a pinched nerve, but yeah… I’m okay!” Amy would reply laughing slightly.


So a word of advice; let your pregnant lover, friend, sister, mother and all the others know that they are beautiful and are doing a f*#@ing amazing job!

(Actually just treat your woman like the queen that she is in general! hehe)


I hope you enjoyed this photoshoot!
Let me know any thoughts or some funny pregnancy moments, I’d love to hear your stories!

Thanks as always for viewing and reading,
Taela xo


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