Since it’s the start of a new year, why not begin with a blog post from a recent shoot with the lovely Amy.

Within a month of birth to the beautiful little Fynn, Amy’s baby bump was reaching limits of expansion.
ALSO – just a little background of the birth – over 60 hours of labour with no assistance of pain killers and ending in an emergency c-section.
If that’s not “hard labour” I don’t know what the hell is.
Seriously this woman is an absolute inspiration with how mentally strong and able she is. She consistently will break down the barriers of what is possible.

So that said – moving onto the last photo shoot we did before she was ready to pop.

One of Amy’s favourite places in this whole world is Canal Rocks so this was the decision for the evening maternity shoot. The sunset was a perfect match to this absolute goddess mumma – “Venus” was a total inspiration for most of her photos.

Out of all the photos I’ve done in the past 14 months – maternal shoots have actually been some of my favourite photos.

Since this is one of the hardest yet most rewarding challenges a woman can go through, there is something so special about showing her from the eyes of my camera that she is still radiant and a ray of sunshine even though she may not feel it.

As well as being such an awesome memory and reminder of how incredible our bodies are!

Thank you for reading and viewing!
Much love,

Taela xo

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