You know how there are some places that you are just meant to go to in your life?

I believe Victoria was one of them.

My first thought was “why the hell did I not go to live in Victoria when I first moved to Canada?!”

But everything happens for a reason right? We live and we learn.

From my experience, Victoria was about five days with a dear friend and most of it was spent either hiking behind her house or in the ocean surfing with 5’4 wetsuits on, booties, gloves included with some of the most awesome people I met in Canada.

Feast your eyes on the true beauty of the West Coast Island life – Canada.



Before coming to Canada, I never knew much about it. I never researched or heard anything. It may seem silly but I never even understood why people asked me if I liked the cold when I first said that I applied for my working visa. I didn’t even know there was good snow!

Now I look back and think oh wow, you silly child.

Aside from the snow, I discovered how beautifully different the landscape is. 
I never thought I’d miss it as much as I do.


Enough of being soppy for me though.
I hope you enjoyed viewing a gallery of pretty pictures I took along the way and some of my favourite memories. 


Also – a huge thank you to Robyn for showing me around her awesome slice of the world.

IMG_2486IMG_2420.jpgThanks for reading and viewing!
Much love, 

Taela xo


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