An image is just the front cover of the
photographer’s personal book.

There is not even a blurb to give you a brief grasp on what the book is going to be about.


“A photo says 1000 words…” they say.
No one, however, can understand or feel the emotion fully through that one photo, even after the photographer has shared their understanding of what that photo means to them.
Since for them, it is a personal moment captured between subject and photographer, which makes it even more special knowing that one photo will forever make you feel a certain way. (Unless, of course, it’s a photo of your ex 😉 haha)


Sharing images is then quite a hard thing for people to do.

Unless they close their eyes and press the “SHARE NOW” button and run away from their phone or computer for a moment.

We know this feeling all too well.

An image, at least to me, also doesn’t have to mean anything at the time. You just like the aesthetic of it, but as time evolves and you begin to look back through your files, you realise how much those moments did mean so much to you. Those memories flood in.



“As time goes, the heart grows fonder”.


This leaves me to the point of my blog.

It’s hard for me to gain the courage to share what I do, and then I realise I haven’t posted something in legit more than 6 months, when I’ve planned to make an effort to post every month.

So here is a  “better late than never” post about my time in India.
A lot of you may know that I just spent majority of my two months there in an ashram studying yoga, which in fact, I realised gave me some huge life lessons.
I can’t begin to describe how grateful I am of the experience. As much as I was scared of the thought of India because of what people had told me, I was truly humbled and blessed to have had the opportunity to see this beautifully chaotic and culturally rich place for my own eyes.
Like I said above, it’s so hard to capture what a photo truly means to the photographer.
Looking back at my photos, so many smells, noises and feelings flood my memory.
I am just happy to share a glimpse of what I captured through my lens.

Take it as you will and look closely, understand each image lightly, but I will ask that you just imagine the thousands of cows roaming around the streets in the background of these images too haha. If you know, you know.
Thank you for reading if you managed to keep up with my word vomit.


Lots of love,

Taela xo



4 thoughts on “RISHIKESH, INDIA

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  1. Absolutely stunning photos hun. I feel so privileged to be able to see them – please never stop posting. You bring joy to my life and am sure everyone else’s with your wonderful talent.


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