Hi there!
My name is Taela, most friends call me Tae, others call me “long human”.
I was born and raised in Dunsborough, a small town 3 hours south of one of the most isolated cities in the world – Perth, Western Australia.

Growing up in a place that seemed so far from everything definitely gave me itchy feet to travel.
I never knew where I wanted to start because I had a serious fear of “missing out” on all the things that I wanted to do, but really – I just had to pick a place and go for it.

February 2016 I left Perth and after 35.5 hours of flights and layovers I landed in, of all places, Boise, Idaho.
I know, what was I thinking?
Well, I wanted to see a really good friend who I met in Australia and she grew up in Baker City, a small town just north of Boise. Yes, I loved every minute of it but was ready to move on after a week.
I decided to head to Portland and try out couch-surfing.
This is when I began to question the purpose of it all. I was confused, knew no-one and didn’t really know what I wanted to see in the large city that seemed to consume me.

This is when I stumbled upon “workaway” and was lucky enough to receive an offer from a hostel in Maui, Hawaii.
Two days later, I left Portland and headed for Hawaii.


For a quick recap on the past two years of my travels – I stayed in Hawaii for just under 3 months, then moved to Vancouver, Canada, for almost 6 months, moved to Nelson for 7 months, Banff for 4 months of the summer and then back in Nelson for another winter season. Also fitting in a month trip back to Hawaii (exploring three islands and traveling around each in a van-rental with my mum) and a week in Mexico over New Years.


Over these two years, I have always been stuck with myself, my thoughts and my passions and I think without this experience I would never have realised how much I love to create and share.
Photography is an instant way I can express myself and my art has blossomed into being more than just something I leave until I’m an emotional wreck and need to vent through drawing.
Where ever I travel to, I realise that I always tie these two passions in my daily life.

Give me a hand

The purpose of my website is to be able to share my brief thoughts and feelings behind some of the photos I take and be able to tell a story of where I’ve been.
Travelling has shown me more doors than I thought possible and I am the one in control of how many I open.

Get connected through my social media accounts if you would like to get in contact, I’d love to hear from you.

Thanks for reading!


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